December 14, 2016


Tools, apps, podcasts and products to help you grow your business, body, and mind:


– The only app that has been able to keep me meditating consistently (iOS/Android)

– Save the article and read it later (I usually catch up on a month’s worth during flights)

– Program it once and let your phone screen dim as it gets dark. Helps me fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer

Google Keep
– I use it for notes, book summaries, budgeting, to-do’s, and the rest of my life.

Goodreads App
– Easy place to track progress of the books you’re reading, find new ones, and save them all in one convenient spot


4 Hour Work Week Blog
– If you don’t know Tim Ferriss by now, you must be living under a rock. His first book (4HWW) and the advice on his blog influenced my outlook on life more than anyone else’s.

Dilbert Blog
– Explore the archives of this blog over the past year in particular. What you’ll observe is the creator of the Dilbert comic strip becoming the modern day Nostradamus. He talks hypnosis, persuasion, career skills and applies them all to make predictions with scary accuracy.

Derek Sivers Blog
– I can never get enough of Derek’s advice, the creator of CD Baby. You might especially enjoy the book recommendations with his personal notes


The Tim Ferriss Show
– Top athletes, billionaires, business moguls, etc etc etc

Smart Drug Smarts
– Absolute gold. Learn about how to improve your brain, performance, and health

James Altucher Show
– Similar to Tim’s podcast, lots of awesome guests. I especially like that James tries to figure out how someone could implement the advice and change their life if they’re chained to a cubicle job

Hardcore History
– Dan Carlin is an awesome and engaging storyteller. You can literally see a movie unravel in front of your eyes as he talks about history


Naval Ravikant: Daily dose of wisdom and philosophy.

Scott Adams: Predicting the future from a persuasion point of view. Entertaining.

AppSumo: Everything these guys put out is marketing gold. Read it, understand it, apply it.