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This is where I share secrets that you can't find on my resumé or LinkedIn.
Me Facts: E.N.T.J. Minimalist Martial Artist Gym-Goer Traveler Reader

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I'm Alex and this is my semi-professional website and blog. It is focused on marketing, growth hacking, living in cool places and working on interesting things. I share secrets about the best way to impress your interviewer, business books I've read, memorable experiences, and incredible travel spots you didn't know you could afford.

For work, I do business development and international sales at a company based in Taipei. After hours, I consult and do freelance work on SEM, SEO, Wordpress, web design, social media marketing, branding and creative writing. In particular, I'm captivated by copywriting and applying persuasion strategies to sales letters and email outreach.

My weapons of choice are languages (from living in 4 different countries), cultural sensitivity (from visiting 20+ nations), and an arsenal of soft skills.

  • English, French, Russian, Romanian, Chinese (in progress)

  • Active Listener, Persuasive Communicator, Proven Leader, Reliable Team Player

  • Avid Reader, Student, Knowledge-Seeker, Adaptable, Eager to Meet New Challenges

  • Able to Lead and Follow, Work Hard and Smart, Get Technical or Practical, Start Early and Finish Late

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